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  1. Article: "Why Is Religion Natural?"
  2. Vegetarianism
  3. Freedom
  4. Lifelong Learning
  5. US religion surveys
  6. New to Philosophy?
  7. Sliding *up* the slippery slope!
  8. Article Discussion: Critical Thinking as Knowledge of Biases
  9. The Pursuit of Happiness
  10. SETI and Philosophy
  11. What are humans worth?
  12. Chuck Fristians at IIDB
  13. Can xians define their ordering?
  14. Politics and Religion
  15. Sites that make you feel wrong
  16. Sweet Revenge and Social Cohesion
  17. Words To Live By
  18. Religious Pro-War Chainmail.
  19. The Pope doesn't like NZ. A proud moment in Kiwi history.
  20. The Wiemar Republik, German Unrest, and Parallels to current American Politics/policy
  21. From God's inexistence it follows God's existence
  22. If your young adult/adult children don't share your values
  23. House of Hate
  24. Men who don't know they are fathers
  25. For the Philosopher Who Has Everything
  26. Mel's Hells
  27. Is Anti-Theism Bigotry?
  28. senor of the infinite space
  29. Science, intellect and emotions
  30. The sanctity of life
  31. Anthropomorphism and You
  32. On Being a Sanctimonious Prick
  33. Parental notification in an abortion. Who has more rights?
  34. Is there a subculture that embraces failure?
  35. On Humanitarian Grounds:
  36. ronin's poll on humanitarian grounds
  37. Interesting Dilemma
  38. Who are your heroes?
  39. Wage Peace
  40. The mentally ill
  41. Would you tell on a cheating spouse?
  42. Would You Kill?
  43. Complaining vs. Complaining with action
  44. views, perceptions of personal responsibilities.
  45. What's wrong with extinction?
  46. Laughing at the absurd in yourself and your group
  47. Who Cares About the Diversity and Abundance of Life?
  48. faggot as a pejorative
  49. The Morality of Carpet Bombing
  50. Intellectual Integrity
  51. A Case Study in Gender Analysis
  52. Masculine/Feminine
  53. Art and Intellectual Property
  54. Compassionate vs. Sentimental
  55. Liberal Christianity, what's the point?
  56. Omnimax god and enlightenment of man
  57. xian vs christian
  58. A Threat?
  59. You ever notice, lets talk perspective.
  60. I lead a pro-lifer closer to the dark side
  61. Mentorship...
  62. Cashless Societies, Social Engineering, and Big Brother
  63. Types of argument, and reliability.
  64. Viral Marketing and Why Court TV Sucks
  65. John the Baptist Cave Discovered Near Jerusalem
  66. If you want a relationship with Jesus call 1-800-631-7141
  67. NZ allows civil unions for gays, etc.
  68. Good
  69. Is porn addiction relevant in the ungodly?
  70. Defeating the virtual reality argument
  71. Brian Tamaki & Destiny Church - Profitting on the Prophet.
  72. The Super Apostles
  73. The Unintelligibility of Free Will
  74. Question regarding abominations
  75. Musings on life, or lack of thereof... (angst)
  76. Machine Sentience
  77. Regarding Christians
  78. Why I Am No Longer A Catholic
  79. Young American Adults...and their lack of religious zeal
  80. Here's Why I'm No Longer a Fundamentalist
  81. A different X, or different claims about the same X?
  82. why i am also no longer something
  83. Why did/do we see each other in terms of our perceived sexual roles?
  84. Spirituality and Deities...Is it Spiritual or Physical?
  85. Morality
  86. Satish Kumar
  87. On Theories
  88. Something awful
  89. Rosemary Kennedy
  90. Nihilism vs. Existentialism
  91. Apology to FormerFundie2004 for Horrendous Thread Deletion Error
  92. In celebration of our open minds, here here...II
  93. If you believe in a god or gods or supernatural beings, does that make you religious?
  94. Right to Life
  95. Oldest Mum.
  96. moral this and that
  97. CC in Spain bucking Vatican line
  98. IIDB and Promoting Atheism
  99. The Spongebob Squarepants' evil homosexuality agenda
  100. Define "Liberal Christian"...
  101. Another Spin-off: Seperation of Church and State
  102. Heathen Hangout: the Ethics of Private Forums
  103. Am I ever an atheist?
  104. Creation
  105. Persuading People to your Viewpoint
  106. Depressed teenager in communication with me
  107. Road Rage
  108. Is Christianity Pagan?
  109. Find Jesus!
  110. Germany's legal prostitution and benefits
  111. Nihilists, Buddhists: Dust in the Wind?
  112. joke about a Catholic school boy (warning: rated R)
  113. either/or
  114. Why I am against overregulation of abortion
  115. My Experiment with Homosexuality
  116. Truth
  117. How have the Simpsons affected your life?
  118. Black and Jewish History
  119. 3 great people and why you think so
  120. Hey, Dragar.
  121. Religious bumperstickers, etc.
  122. Ronin: The Problem of Evil
  123. Copiae: Self
  124. There may be nothing quite so comforting as...
  125. What does "worship" mean?
  126. Juvenile Death Penalty - Justice Kennedy the key
  127. feeding tubes/life support
  128. Ganking and Game Theory
  129. Freedom
  130. Tolerance
  131. WARNING to parents and children reading this board
  132. Is Respect Earned?
  133. What religion, if any, has Superman?
  134. Evaluating value
  135. Pope John Paul ll has died
  136. Texas oil tycoon (sigh) using Bible to locate oil wells in Israel
  137. Why should they care?
  138. Animal Rights
  139. Atheists are not Freethinkers
  140. Larry King on the Afterlife
  141. Larry King - "if we didn't die there'd be no religion."
  142. Believing Impossible Things
  143. The F word
  144. Looking for someone with an interest in Old Testament prophecy and Josh McDowell
  145. Virgin Mary Underpass
  146. Ethics of using animals in medical research.
  147. I just emailed the new Pope. Does anybody know Latin?
  148. To Be Happy
  149. Stealing bandwidth, and internet morality ...
  150. To the men.. Would you date a stripper...long term?
  151. disturbing
  152. On Being a Bad American
  153. 2 women sue church when Christ fails to appear
  154. Destruction of Tyre
  155. What's it going to take?
  156. <spam>
  157. Christians have the wrong number (AKA Satan's area code has changed)
  158. Fundibots breeding like flies
  159. The 21st atheist
  160. Our Lady of the Underpass is no more (new thread)
  161. Scientologists are reconverting to a newer older religion
  162. Self-Awareness
  163. When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer ...
  164. For vm
  165. Parents: you're gonna LOVE this (NOT!)
  166. albert cipriani: Infallible Catholics
  167. Parallels in mythology - school me
  168. WorldNutDaily reports...Muslims will rule America
  169. I am a Logical Deist
  170. Can you tell me what I am?
  171. Discursive Utopias and Embedded Value Systems
  172. Newcomb's paradox and free will
  173. Hume on the "Is"/"Ought" Divide
  174. Beer mat ads to recruit priests
  175. Sauron and others, question on the Hadiths
  176. Albert Cipriani and Me
  177. God works in mysterious, inefficient, and breathtakingly cruel ways.
  178. Counterpoint: Al Cipriani and Me
  179. Misogyny?
  180. I found god!!
  181. Oregon and religion
  182. Mathew Fox and the New Reformation
  183. sex with your pet
  184. Is Benedict XVI the Pope?
  185. The Abortion Thread
  186. absolute morality
  187. The Greatest And Best Thread In The World.
  188. humanist wedding
  189. I'm a mick and proud of it!
  190. Counter-counter-point: Albert, Kang, Fisher and ME
  191. How Much You Adore Your Computer?
  192. Aggressive Athiesm
  193. Questions for Kang & Fisher
  194. For Mr. Average, Sweetie, and Gurdur
  195. Passwords: Who is Most Responsible?
  196. The Timeless Solution
  197. Naturalism, Creationism and Brights
  198. Can we please talk about free will and determination?
  199. Well, let's see them pass up THIS chance to moderate me
  200. beginning Buddhist inquiry
  201. Dear God in heaven and all His angels
  202. Tabloid Religion
  203. What do you think of Satanism?
  204. Antichrist
  205. My Story
  206. Metacrock on Metafilter
  207. Babylon
  208. Traditional Catholicism
  209. Am I missing something? Modal Onto Proof
  210. Personal Responsibility
  211. Equivocation?
  212. Fellowship of Reason (split off from thread about Satanism)
  213. Should I believe in God?
  214. I'm thinking about starting my a religion
  215. Gay clergy pro or con?
  216. Munich Putsch - American Fundie Version
  217. Larry Laudan, Monday Morning Quarterback
  218. Human beings and their worth
  219. Restored Faith in Humankind
  220. Father Grapje
  221. Lover or Loved ?
  222. My Dad found out about me being an Atheist
  223. Women of the "First World".....wake up!
  224. A Rational Explanation of the Trinity
  225. Men of the "first world"
  226. What keeps you going?
  227. Some crap from ICR
  228. Why are you an atheist?
  229. Pros and Cons: Theist vs Atheist
  230. ms winterboar
  231. Thoughts?
  232. The modern God
  233. What is Love?
  234. Morality Question
  235. Pssst...Where the devil is the exorcist meeting?
  236. The evil stain
  237. How to Destroy Someone Who Is Omniscient?
  238. Lectures on Several Topics in Ethical and Political Philosophy
  239. Will philosophy ever reach a conclusion?
  240. What does it means to "think intellectually"?
  241. Incoherence of logical positivism
  242. absolutes
  243. Morality, Rationality or Ick?
  244. What's not to like about death?
  245. 'Intelligent Design' Theory in schools
  246. What do you think of alleged Biblical Elijah visits?
  247. The Non-Morality of Having Sex with One's Brother(s) or Sister(s)
  248. Theory of Universal Self-Creation
  249. Atheism and Romance
  250. The Religious Policeman