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Best Thread Titles of 2009

Posted 02-24-2010 at 08:33 PM by Crumb

Here are the Monthly Best Thread Titles of 2009:

Best Thread Titles * January - You Have To Get Out Of Here. YOUR VAGINA IS HAUNTED. by JoeP
* February - Revenge is a dish best served with a Slurpee and a microwave burrito by Zehava
* February - Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work by Petra
* March - Omnihyper super name burn megathread by ChuckF
* April - About puttin' stuff in your butt... by Mendeh
* May - I have done nearly all of you, for I am a whore by Miisa
* May - Your lawnmower gave me crabs by ChuckF
* June - I'm old enough to know what I want! (And it ain't buttsex (anymore)) by SharonDee
* July - Unusual Paintings of Obama Naked With Unicorns by Adam
* July - Multi-quote-mining, for great justice by Sock Puppet
* August - How hard could it be to look at her vagina? by Legs
* September - My bush is infested again by Legs
* October - Swedish lesbians suck sperm banks dry by JoeP
* November - Boobkicker takes on Killer Titties by Demimonde
* December - The topic you've all been waiting for: Eyebrow Dandruff by Sock Puppet

Here are the Monthly runners-up for 2009:

Second Best Thread Titles * January - The Obamas enjoy fisting each other by Legs
* January - FF, we need to talk. I've been seeing another forum... by Tanda
* February - Taste the Rainbow (and Hurl) by livius drusus
* February -Iz in yur forumz, hidin from Googlzzz by Crumb
* February -Dear Pope Bendy-Dick. Fuck you. Love, Australia. by Count
* March - My Pope Don't Stink by Dingfod
* April - I Pooped Beet Juice! by livius drusus
* May - Look upon my Chicken Pot Pie, and despair by Sock Puppet
* June - Celebrity death epidemic skips third tier, heads for fourth by ChuckF
* July - Least Religious Member On This Forum Competition IS ON by chunksmediocrite
* July - Favorite health care epic Godwin op-ed that references Gandalf by chunksmediocrites
* July - :ccat::acat::tcat::icat::fcat::icat::ccat::acat::tcat::icat::ocat::ncat: by Crumb
* August - Asstowel Balrog Sexytime by Watser?
* September - Nekkid Gardening Goes Horribly Awry by livius drusus
* October - I grew a penis by Plant Woman
* November - Thomas Jefferson Had Boils On His Ass by Garnet
* November - What would Jesus do? Get a boob job. by Dingfod
* December - Fuck you, BBC, I Won't Do What You Tell Me by livius drusus
* December - Northier than thou! by Brimshack

The runner-up Best Thread Title of 2009:

The Best Thread Title of 2009:

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