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The Freethought Forum uses vBulletin software, which is similar in style and function to numerous other forum software platforms. However, even if you are familiar with vBulletin forum software, you'll notice that we have customized it heavily for an improved style and enhanced functionality. You can find out more details about each feature and function we've added by browsing the various documents in the FAQ. Meanwhile, we have created this overview to introduce our extensive ignore features.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Freethought Forum is the broad control each member has over his or her experience. It is our firm belief that for the most part our members are capable of making their own determinations about what is and isn't worthwhile content. So with the exception of certain types of content (eg. spam and flooding) we will not take action to control what you can read here. Here are some of the features that make it possible for you to control content yourself:

Blocking Tools
Under User Tools -> Edit Options you will find these features:

Disable Avatars, Signatures, or Images
This feature (found on the Member Options / Edit Options page, in the Thread Display Options section) allows you to block all avatars, signatures and images across the board. Avatars and signatures will simply disappear, and all images will be converted to links. Whenever you are concerned about the display of inappropriate images (at work, for example) or you are on a slow connection to the Internet, you can use this setting to prevent their display in all forums.

Ignore Thread
You can choose to remove any thread from view by selecting "Ignore Thread" in the "Thread Tools" menu. The list of threads you have ignored can be found near the bottom of the Member Options/Edit Custom Filters page.

Hide Individual Signature, Avatar
When viewing a post, click on the member's name to find a menu of available options. Among the options displayed are:
  • Hide this member's avatar You will no longer see the member's avatar in his/her posts
  • Hide this member's signature - You will no longer see the member's signature in his/her posts
  • Add this member to your ignore list* You will no longer see the member's posts, and he/she will be unable to contact you using the FF PM or e-mail system

Also under the User Tools menu, you will find links to lists of the threads, signatures and avatars you're ignoring, and the option to restore them to view. There are two other options that apply to ignored users:
  • Show Ignore Placeholder When set to 'Yes', you will see a banner in place of posts you have ignored or which were posted by a member on your ignore list. This gives you the opportunity to choose whether to see posts on a case-by-case basis. Set this to 'No' if you prefer not to see anything in place of ignored posts.

  • Hide Threads by Ignored Users This option allows you to hide all new threads by users who are on your ignore list.

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