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Default Re: A Revolution in Thought: Part Two

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
That's like seeing solar flares at the same time radio waves are being detected. It's true that we would detect light, but to say that this light travels with an image or pattern of an event (that contains substance) although the event has been gone for millions of years is exactly what is being disputed. I like the example of Columbus discovering America because it's easy to understand what I'm talking about, as opposed to Supernovas that are made up of gases. You can think I'm weaseling all you want.

When a supernova occurs when would we see it with our eyeballs or through a telescope, according to efferent vision? It is my understanding of Lessans claims that you believe we would see it instantly at the same time it occurs, without having to await the traveling light to reach Earth. Is my understanding of this aspect of efferent vision correct?
You should know the answer to this. Yes, that's right. As long as there is light surrounding the event, and it is large enough to be seen with a telescope or by the naked eye, we would be able to see it instantly because it meets the requirements of efferent vision. But white visible light is always traveling at a finite speed. Therefore, just because we can see in real time doesn't mean that efferent vision changes the world of physics.
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