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Default Re: Does Old Paul pass to New?

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In any event, we can posit another, more extreme scenario. Suppose evil doctors kidnap old Paul and, armed with advance technology, yank the brain out of his head and totally destroy it. Then they rebuild the brain...
Your sci-fi is non-functional, hence magical, hence superfluous.
davidm's evil doctor, your Old Paul/New Paul and your Nikos/Thanos scenarios are all hypotheticals. Why are you allowed your hypotheticals and davidm is not allowed his? After all, these are all thought experiments, are they not?
Are you totally unaware of Peacegirl's tactics? One standard for wstewart's claims and another more restrictive one for everyone elses. Wstewart's claims are to be accepted without question, everyone elses are in doubt. It is an echo of the Russian 'Cold War' stance, "What is our's is our's, what's your's is negotiable". In that vein what wstewart claims must be accepted without question, and what anyone else states is wrong till proven right beyond any question of doubt.

In my opinion, a very narrow minded view.
It's a standard philosophical criticism of poorly conceived thought experiments, which plague personal identity philosophy.

Has anyone here studied personal identity philosophy, or cognitive science? I just want to gauge familiarity.

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