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Originally Posted by davidm View Post
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The statements are inconsistent.

But even if you can really identify something inconsistent I've said, so what? That might just speak to the fact that I may have poorly worded some argument. I could then, if needed, make necessary repairs.

What I find funny is that you are focusing on all this minutia. I keep asking, for example, for you to specify how things look different for anyone involved under EP, from the way that they look under SP. They don't, do they? But if everything subjectively and objectively looks the same for everyone involved in EP as it does under SP, then what good is EP? It's just a string of words that in the end reduces to, "Nicos dies and later Thanos is born, full stop." Can you show otherwise?
You readily accede to the reality of unfelt time-gaps, and existential passage is conceived in the same functional terms as the unfelt time-gap. Your "string of words" objection to the concept is therefore a form of special pleading, and unjustified.

As for your recent posts attempting to explain unfelt time-gaps: yes, they are overtly inconsistent, and the conflation of memory of an event with the event itself only adds to the confusion. I posit that you cannot repair one problem in your interpretation without introducing another - not because you are inherently incapable of thinking clearly, but because you're arguing, ultimately, for an interpretation that does not make sense when stated in functional terms.

You remember the Dawkins debate. It ran to 1200+ posts, over eight months. Our opponents could never agree on an interpretation of unfelt time-gaps, even after eight months of argument. In fact, two of the more prolific opponents ended the debate locked into views that were, by their own admission, mutually contradictory.

But we'll see what happens here.

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