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Default Re: This Just in! Vaccines STILL Do Not Cause Autism

Has she pulled out the "rates of cancer and epilepsy and other such conditions have increased dramatically since we started immunizing children" claim yet? That one always comes out sooner or later.

The reasons are very, very simple. First, we have much better detection and diagnostic methods available today than we did a few decades or so in the past. So of course more kids are being diagnosed with autism (for example) nowadays, instead of just being written off as "mentally handicapped" and forgotten about, as was routinely the case not so long ago.

Second, the reason why rates of cancer (for example) have risen is precisely because we've gotten so good at detecting and treating -- or preventing -- so many of the other conditions that used to get you first. In other words, the fact that more people are dying of cancer than they did back in the "good old days" is good news, because it means that people are living long-enough to die of cancer, instead of all the other things that used to routinely kill people before they got old-enough that cancer was likely to be an issue.
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