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Default Re: A Revolution in Thought: Part Two

Yes, peacegirl, we get it.

Everyone is compelled to move in the direction of greater satisfaction; hence, they have no free will.

The flip side of this is that no one can make you do, what you donít want to do, because doing what you donít want to do provides less satisfaction.

Hence it is pointless to blame anyone for dong something bad, because although it was bad, they thought it would provide them with greater satisfaction when they did it, hence they had to do it.

Once it is UNIVERSALLY UNDERSTOOD (after a great transition period or whatever) that no one can be blamed for what they do because they are compelled, so to say, of their own free will to do it, everyone will stop blaming everyone else for what they do.

But once that happens, no one will strike a first blow against anyone else, because their conscience will not permit it, because striking a first blow for which they know in advance they will not be blamed or punished will provide less satisfaction than not striking the first blow.

If no one strikes a first blow, no one will retaliate, since they will have no reason to retaliate, since no first blow has been struck.
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