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Default Re: Fucking America!

I'm really sorry how this thread has turned out. I was still back at the point of marveling at how many people were expressing sophisticated, informed political opinions all in my precise neighborhood, and am still a little surprised that a few people got really pissed off and have stopped talking.

My perspective is that if it were possible, economic sanctions and debt recall against the United States would counter-productively destroy the rest of the world as well. However, I don't think any scenario in which the U.S. is curbed by outside force, military or social, is a real possibility for at least the next 100 years.

I do think the United States needs a revolution to replace its government, as soon as possible, for its own sake and for the rest of the world. I don't think a successful military rebellion from within is a real scenario either; that leaves, however unlikely, a political or legal revolution.

I really think there are too many powerful groups of people--incumbents, the party machineries, lawyers, lobbyists, revolving-door CEOs/senior bureaucrats, top managers of capital--for anything but a knockout blow to succeed. Maybe a very strong, cunning and intelligent President could get us partway there, but I doubt it (not to mention, of course, that such a person would be very unlikely to perform the necessary curbing of the power of the presidency itself): he (she?!) would in any case probably be blocked by Congress, if not then by the courts.

Consequently, though I haven't developed the idea yet (why, I don't know, I've been convinced of it for years) is that the only viable, incredibly-long-shot solution is to organize from the grassroots to bring about a constitutional convention. Article V of the U.S. constitution says that one must be called if asked for by two-thirds of the states. (Quite a few actually have active resolutions calling for a convention floating around.) The convention would then have a chance to redraft the government completely; they might not think up a completely new brilliant system, but at least they could place limits on the executive, stiffen the powers of the representative assembly, curb the major parties, establish a truly independent judiciary, guarantee universal health care, etc. etc. etc....

If that new constitution survived its transition to embodying its first government without being co-opted by the prior ruling groups, then ... well ... hurray. We'd be there, at least for a little while.

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