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Alert Scotland Yard - Peanut Gallery

Scotland Yard (Game Wiki)

Scotland Yard is a detective game played on a map of London.

The map consists of numbered locations connected by different forms of transportation: Taxi (yellow), Bus (green), Underground (red) and ferry (black in the Thames). The game is played by players using tickets to move on particular forms of transport from one location to another.

The two sides are a team of detectives (5) and a single fugitive. The goal of the detectives are to capture the fugitive by occupying the same space as the fugitive on the same turn. The goal of the fugitive is to avoid capture.

The play is turn based. Each detective starts with a certain number of each type of ticket and can use a single ticket each turn to move along the appropriate line from one location to the next location on that line. For instance, if I am at location 67 I can use a taxi ticket to go to 68, or a bus ticket to go to 41, or an underground ticket to go to 13. The detective's moves are all public even to the fugitive, they can post their moves in thread. The fugitive's location is only revealed on specific turns(3rd, 8th, 13th, and 18th), all his moves will be submitted privately. Otherwise all the detectives have to go on is what type of transport the fugitive is taking.

You should submit a move by stating the transport being used and the number of your origin and destination. For example: Taxi: 67 to 68


- Detectives start with 10 taxi tickets, fugitive has an infinite number. Each ticket is good for a trip from one yellow node to the next yellow node along a yellow path.

- Detectives start with 8 bus tickets, fugitive has an infinite number. Each ticket is good for a trip from one green node to the next green node along a green path.

- Detectives start with 4 underground tickets, fugitive has an infinite number. Each ticket is good for a trip from one red node to the next red node along a red path.

- The fugitive starts with 5 black tickets. These tickets allow the fugitive to travel by any mode of transportation (including the ferry routes) without revealing his mode of transport.

- The fugitive starts with 2 2x tickets. These tickets allow the fugitive to travel twice by any mode of transportation (not ferry) in a single turn. Just as a normal move the tickets used for both moves will be revealed to the detectives.

Ending The Game

The game can end in two ways:
1. A detective moves to a location occupied by the fugitive. The game ends immediately and the detectives win.
2. All the detectives can no longer move; they are either out of tickets or stuck at a location without the proper ticket to move elsewhere. The game ends and the fugitive wins.

When the game is over, the path of the fugitive will be revealed.
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