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Default Re: People need to start getting the fuck off my internet

I thanked that post, but I want to thank it again and again and again.

The whole thing is fucking bang on, but I particularly love these bits:

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
These people have so many enablers is the thing. That's the only reason things like this work.

Anyone who plays into the whole scam by shaming or humiliating or holy fuck firing someone for being victimized is culpable. I mean, that's the reason this sort of shit even exists, because somehow it is considered more shameful for a woman to be seen undressed (even if they're Photoshopped that way) than it is to be a fucking predator. WTF?
WTF indeed!?
It would be good if maybe the people who actually did something wrong were the ones looking over their shoulders and worrying about their Google results.
Fucking right.
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