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Default Re: Elder Scrolls Online

Originally Posted by curses View Post
Huh. The idea of a mega server sounds interesting. I wonder how well it'll actually work.
It sounds like what Champions Online and Star Trek Online (and maybe a few other games) have. For the most part, everyone is connected to the same server, though not everyone is in the same place. Even though, say, one hundred people are in the same town or same part of town, you won't see one hundred characters around you. They are likely shunted into different instances of the town. If you and a friend are in different instances you can still communicate and there will be a mechanism in place to get you together so you can go hunt 20 butterflies wings.

After poking at the website, signing up for beta and watching a couple of videos, I'm pretty on board for this to happen. I'm not all that big on fantasy, and I passed on both Morrowind and Oblivion, I still like the world that they built and I like Bethesda as a game producer. I'm guessing out of my ass, but the biggest and maybe only hook for this game over any other is the world. Being able to explore all of Tamriel (both physically and lore-logically) is kind of a big deal. The big trick, of course, is how they decide to balance the classes around each other and how the various permutations work together (or against each other).
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