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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by Ari View Post
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Why do babies die at night from SIDS? Why don't they die during the day when they're awake?
One current theory based on research and study is that a defect in the homeostasis regulating network of the brain, which controls oxygen levels, heartrate, etc. Breaks or fails to function properly during a triggered change like say excess CO2 levels through rebreathing, or poor oxygen levels due to lung or mucus lining inflammation, overheating due to illness. When asleep not only is the homeostasis network more in control, but the baby isn't moving around changing its breathing strength/angle.

Now of course not all SIDS are equal because SIDS itself is sudden infant death without noticeable cause after an investigation. If they figure out this sleeping disorder it will be given a new name and no longer be SIDS.

I believe that answers your questions.
It answers the iadmission that we really do not know what causes what. No one is all knowing but God.
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