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Default Re: Game Consoles: What's Next?

Originally Posted by But View Post
That's one possibility of a story you can tell, but you list a lot of things after each point that didn't all happen at the same time
Each generation is a new generation of microprocessors - almost. The Great Video Game Crash separated two generations which used the same processor.
  • Pong era: None.
  • Atari era: 8-bit 6502.
  • Great Video Game Market Crash
  • NES era: 8-bit 6502, Z80
  • 16-bit Era: 16-bit W65C816S, 68000
  • 32-bit Era: MIPS R3000, 32/64 bit (matter of argument)
  • Modern Era: Common processor types like PowerPC and Pentium with near-PC specs

I don't feel like diving into generations of processors in the modern ones. I stopped console playing somewhere between the 16 and 32 bit era.
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