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Default Re: A whole entire thread about one stupid question about batteries.

Most phone batteries have three wires or connections - two for the single lithium cell and one for a thermistor inside the battery so the phone can measure how hot the battery is.

The lithium cells used in all modern phones are all the same chemistry with a nominal voltage of 3.7V or 3.8V per cell and a maximum fully-charged voltage of about 4.2V per cell. The only real difference is the mass (and therefore capacity) of the cell and its form factor (shape).

Most batteries have additional protection circuitry inside the battery to protect against short-circuit and over discharge.

There are some (rare) phones that use two-cell batteries so they'll be labelled 7.4V (or close to that).

Some (very old now) phones used to use nickle metal hydride batteries, but the BL52U battery isn't one of those.

If the replacement battery has the same sort of connection as the original one - either plug/socket, surface connector or soldered flat ribbon cable - then you'll be okay.
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