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Default Re: Internet Relationships

There seems to be significant advantages and disadvantages to "online dating".

I'm with LadyShea when she says, "it's just like any other relationship".

A simple note, though: The person you meet online is only one dimensional. You meet the person that they wish they were. That's not much different from dating "in person". But it's harder to see who they truly are when you are consistently only getting a one-sided view.

You can learn a lot from a person by their mannerisms: how they respond and interact with other people, for example. If he/she is intentionally rude to the waitress at your favorite restaurant, or he/she turns into a raving madman when getting cut off in traffic, you can assume that this is how you would be treated when the newness of the relationship wears off.

I am more against it than for it, even though I have a friend who met his fiance through
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