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Default Re: Internet Relationships

Well, I've had various experiences with online friendship and online romance. I would say that the key thing is to meet someone you think you have a thing for as soon as possible or you may be in for a lot of heartache when that chemistry part goes awry, or when the relationship just vanishes in a puff of smoke because neither one is willing to spend the dough to meet one another or in the meantime another interesting person crossed their path. As far as specific dating services, like say, I don't think it is a bad thing necessarily-- for those of us who don't seem to frequent places where we can meet single eligible folks, it is a good way to get out there and to go on dates with people who are also explicitly looking to date in your area.

I've enhanced a lot of online friendships however, by meeting folks from online in person. It has been very rewarding, rarely frustrating and always interesting!

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