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I read some of your foolish scree, then just skimmed the rest.
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Bush was a bit simple, (and amusingly I think his painting and occasional photo op with other president for good causes but otherwise chill life is partly him recognizing people puppeted this simpleness) but with Trump It sometimes feels like an actual child speaking.

Let's look at that actual quote,
Water how does it workIn Texas, we can ship the trucks right out there. And you know, weve gotten A-pluses on Texas and on Florida, and we will also on Puerto Rico. But the difference is, this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. And its a big ocean; its a very big ocean. And were doing a really good job. Frankly, were doing and its the most difficult job because its on the island its on an island in the middle of the ocean, he said. Its out in the ocean. You cant just drive your trucks there from other states.-Trump

Just think of this in a child's reasoning, things go places on trucks, trucks are cool they go vroom. On the road they can go through puddles. But not in the ocean. The ocean is big. How can we get stuff to people in the ocean if we can't go vroom vroom?? Don't you see the problem? It's a huge problem? Big oceans are tough. That makes me sad. That's ok, I'm a good boy!

I don't think he understands even the basics of shipping and infrastructure. He's just always told someone "make sure we have MAGA hats" and they took care of the Chinese mass production and shipping and he imagines it like the scene from Willy Wonka where there's a factory somewhere in America where hundreds of trucks line up and simultaneously roll out from the factory to every city in America.
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