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Default Re: Cheese discussion thread

Oh man, I love cheese.

We always have some strong cheddar around, that's standard.

But I love having some feta cheese to sprinkle on pizza or have in a wrap with falafels. They make a lovely cheshire with cranberrys and blueberrys at the local store.

Red Leicster with red peppers, cheddar with garlic and herbs... there are just so many awesome cheeses out there.

Whenever we go to Pizza Hut we have the goat's cheese pizza, very flavourful.

There are two cheese things I really miss here in the UK; 1) cheese curds, you just can't get them anywhere around here, even special cheese shops. And I love me some homemade poutine. 2) All varieties of havarti, including regular havarti, havarti with garlic and herbs and most especially havarti with dill.
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