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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Originally Posted by Chuck
peace-girl, I begrudge you no such thing - you are the one who said that your Corrupted Text was not about the money, after all.
I never said that. What is wrong with you?
I'm simply reading what you wrote about your own Corrupted Text, peacegirl:
Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
Originally Posted by Chuck
No one mistakes your Corrupted Text for the Authentic Text as written by the author and published in his lifetime; a few more edits to your Corrupted Text could really open up the Holocaust denial marketplace to you.
You would love to think this is all about money. That's where your corrupt mind goes whether you're discussing Andrew Wakefield or me. It's not a surprise! You're just a cynical individual probably due to your profession. :sad:
But hey, fair enough - maybe one would be correct to think that your Corrupted Text is all about money after all.
Hold a 4 cent mistake against me. :rolleyes:
I'm not holding it against you, peacegirl, merely pointing out that your statement was inaccurate; like when you said Andrew Wakefield didn't conduct unethical medical research on children, that was also inaccurate, because Andrew Wakefield did conduct unethical medical research on children.
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