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Default Re: Moore's Law original issue! OMG!

Originally Posted by ceptimus View Post
Say there are 1000 parallel universes - that's like having 1000 classical computers all working together on the same problem at the same time.
Buuuuuuuuuut . . . does not every time a particle have a choice, the universe splits into two parallel universes, so the more computing, the more choices, the more and MOAR UNIVERSES UNTIL WE CAN NO LONGER CONTAIN THEM ALL AS "THE KIDS THESE DAYS" POAST MOAR AND MOAR ON FORA WE DO NOT LINKE TO PLAY THEIR ONLINE YATZE GAMES ANDSURF P0RN UNTIL IT ALL COLLAPSES INTO A TINY QUANTUM SINGULARITY OF COMPRESSED LOLCATS, MEMES VIAGRA ADDs mickthinks's uvula and, of course, porn.

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