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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by Dragar View Post
Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
I never get a chance to discuss the content. It doesn't matter who I quote --- even highly regarded researchers in their field are quickly discredited. It's a great strategy to stay at arm's length from anybody who disagrees with you. Just call them loons and you're off the hook.
Sure you do. Ari and Vivisectus and Specious Reasons frequently engage on the content. Don't you remember this? Or this post, where Vivisectus points out that your article is clearly deliberately misrepresenting scientific articles it quotes? Those are just in the last few pages. This thread is hundreds of pages wrong, full of people engaging you on the scientific merits (such as they are).

Originally Posted by Dragar
Do you remember me engaging with you on the topic of your nutcase who thought relativity was wrong?
He never said relativity was wrong. Why are you making stuff up?

Is Relativity Wrong?

Does the impossibility of motion in spacetime invalidate Einstein's relativity? The answer depends on whether one takes spacetime to be physically existent (as relativists do) or as an abstract, non-existent, mathematical construct for the historical mapping of measured events. If one chooses the former, one is obviously a crackpot or a fraud, or both. If one chooses the latter, then general relativity is to be seen as a mere math trick: the physical mechanism of gravity is still out there and it is incumbent upon physicists to find it.

Not Against Relativity

I get angry emails from people accusing me of badmouthing relativity, one of the most corroborated theories of physics. I am not. In my opinion, the special and general theories of relativity are mathematically correct and make correct predictions. What is wrong are all the obviously false claims made on the basis of their correctness. Relativity does not allow motion in spacetime or time travel, as Dr. Wheeler, Sir Stephen Hawking, Dr. Kip Thorne and the others claim. It forbids motion in spacetime! It is important that people see relativity for what it is, a mathematical trick for the prediction of macroscopic phenomena involving the motion of bodies in a spatial coordinate system. Spacetime is an abstract mathematical construct, that is all. The other stuff (motion in spacetime, time travel, advanced and retarded waves, wormholes, etc...), is pure hogwash. This stuff is so trivially proven wrong in fact, that it is insulting to the lay public, the same public that funds most scientific projects. Even the relativity-derived notion of time dilation is hopelessly misleading. Time does not dilate (as if time could change!). On the contrary, it is the clocks that slow down (for whatever reason) resulting in longer measured intervals.

Nasty Little Truth About Spacetime Physics

Originally Posted by Dragar
I pointed out the trivial mathematical errors the guy was making. But you have zero understanding of mathematics, so how could you possibly understand the arguments? That's why it's important to know how to pick reliable sources. Again, you fail, and you make excuses. Your claim about nobody engaging on content is a lie, peacegirl.
People have skipped right over the videos. I agree that there has been some discussion related to content, but there are many articles and videos that are just passed over.

Originally Posted by Dragar
And on top of that, all of this engaging on content just goes in one ear, and out the other for you. So why should we waste time engaging with you, when one the very next post you ignore it all? It's a lot quicker and more entertaining to point out we shouldn't even expect your sources to be right anyway: they're delusional about so much else, and have no credentials, so no big surprise when it turns out their anti-scientific claims are bogus too.
Many of the people I have quoted have the "right" credentials, but you bypass them too. Moreover, that should not be the only judge of content. People use this excuse to simply ignore and discredit anyone who doesn't have a PhD or MD next to their name. They couldn't possibly having anything of value to say, right? I'm not saying that I would hire a construction worker to operate on my brain, but there is a lot of gray in between. My father didn't have the "right" credentials and yet he has made a revolutionary discovery. :yup:

Don't you understand no one is credible in your eyes unless they're pro-vaccine. It does not matter whether they are doctors or holocaust deniers. If they question vaccines, you will find some skeptic website that has already done the work for you. They're entire life is summarized in one or two paragraphs which then labels them loons. It's a form of bullying. I hope people can see through it.
Originally Posted by Dragar
This is just whining. "Waah, waah, all my sources are insane and it's not fair". Tough! This is what being on the obviously wrong end of a scientific argument feels like. The correct response is not to double down on the lunatic fringe elements, it's to accept you're wrong.
My sources are not all insane Dragar. That's a faulty generalization. Soon you're going to have to find dirt on more and more doctors and researchers who support the efforts of the anti-vax community and you will be busted because these people cannot ALL be insane.
"We will not solve the problems of the world from the level of thinking we were at when we created them" -- Einstein

"The fatal tendency of mankind to leave off thinking about a thing
which is no longer doubtful is the cause of half their errors" -- John Stuart Mill

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