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Default Re: An Arf-Arf Here and a Meow-Meow There... E I E I O!

Speaking of VC (awlhad), I called the vet to schedule her usual spa treatment (bath, brush, toenails, buttglands), and the nurse (?) started gushing with some "OMG this pug is immortal, incredible" sorta shit. She's only 12ish (estimated 2 yrs when we adopted), and petite & slender by pug standards (i.e, yes she's shaped like a pear, but she doesn't have that pug-bloat a lot of them get from overfeeding, and overall she's smaller than average). So for fucksake, I'm getting at least 2 more years out of this snorty little 4-footed bread loaf. Li'l Puppet has to get through high school and at least start college before she's allowed to kick off, and Ima kick God's big fat omniass if she doesn't.
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