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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

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Fair enough, peacegirl - you are not interested in trying. I didn't think you would be. You never have been before.

Anyway, peacegirl, getting back to your due diligence. Did you look for the EMA EPAR for Bexsero? Did you read it? What did it say? How does the actual content of the regulatory document comport with what your source says?
Her main concern in this article had to do with the high aluminum content given to infants, along with other ingredients not mentioned, such as e.coli.
By the way, peacegirl - this is a stupid and obvious lie that you told.

You should read the dumb bullshit you post.
You may not agree with her for being cautious as to the potential risks rather than the potential benefits, but it is her right to speak her mind. She may not have understood that the EMA and the FDA have different submission guidelines, and that the EMA was given full approval to do studies on infants. The other concern had to do with aluminum in this particular vaccine. Since aluminum is known to accumulate in the brain and bones, this could be a realistic danger. Her concerns were reasonable IMO.

Professor Christopher Exley, often referred to as Mr. Aluminum, has been studying the effects of aluminum on the human body for thirty years and has become increasingly worried. In a recent video presentation, he explained that, despite the fact that aluminum has been regularly used as an adjuvant in vaccination for many years, little is known about its effect on the human body. He made it clear that we should accept that aluminum is toxic and that toxicity may take many different forms. He stated that wherever it ends up in the body, it has the potential to do harm.

This is certainly something to consider, especially when none of us can be certain where an aluminum adjuvant will accumulate once it has been vaccinated into our body.

Professor Exley continued by stating that:

If aluminum is in the brain, it can produce neurodegeneration and problems associated with the brain; if it is in the bone, it can produce bone disease. Wherever it ends up in the body, it has the potential to cause toxicity, whether it is in humans, fish or any other living organism.

Taking this a little bit further, Professor Exley explained that it is possible for two individuals to have very similar amounts of aluminum in their body and for only one of them to suffer an adverse effect, which he says could be due to individual physiology, medical history and genetics.

Speaking about the different ways in which the body can absorb aluminum, Professor Exley talked about the gut, the lungs, the nose and the skin before moving on to the subject of vaccination and adjuvants. He stated that we must understand that aluminum exposure in this form is very different from any other form of exposure.

Are Ineffective New Meningitis B Vaccines Causing Harm to Children?
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