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Default Re: Do NOT skip your yearly check-ups ...

I like the idea of a campus vegetable garden, and a colleague and I have discussed maybe trying to get something like that started. Finding a suitable plot of land will be the really tricky part, assuming we can get permission, but it's certainly worth further investigation.


I'm just back from the second follow-up with the nephrologist. He likes what he's seeing, and he says that the latest blood work shows pretty convincingly that there are no underlying kidney, pituitary, or adrenal concerns.

I'm currently taking 2 different medications for hypertension. After my pressure dropped to dangerously low levels, we halved the dosage of one of them. My pressure went back up to acceptable levels, but has been slowly dropping since. My nephrologist says that I'm dropping back into hypotension levels, so he told me to monitor my pressure over the next week or two, and if it continues to drop, we'll reduce the dosage of the other medication by half as well.

Overall though, he says that he likes what he sees, and he thinks that if I continue to remain active and I stick to a healthy diet, there's every chance I can eventually get myself off the pills entirely. For now, both my G.P. and my nephrologist are satisfied with the way that things are going, so my next follow-up isn't until May.
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