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I read some of your foolish scree, then just skimmed the rest.
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Default Re: I think we need a morons with guns thrad

Man finds gun,
gun goes off,
kills a woman.

Sounds like just another accident, what can you do, it happens.
Wait wait, the guy is brown, an illegal immigrant, and the woman was white?
OMG Sanctuary cities murdered this woman! See what happens when you let brown people in your country!! Murderer Murderer!! Lock him up! Deport him! Defund sanctuary cities!!!!!

It was interesting and expected to see the party of "wait and see, let a court decide" immediately brand this man a murderer once they found out he was mexican and really not surprising to find out they don't give a shit if it was an accident, obviously illegal immigration murdered this woman!

Illegal immigrant acquitted of murder in San Francisco, Trump slams verdict
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