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Default Re: Wordpress blog vunerablilty

I'm glad, at least, that you weren't hacked, and that you're apparently OK. We miss you when you're not around :sadcheer:

I have a very old WP blog on my site but there is absolutely nothing of importance on it so I'm not even sure if it's worth fixing. I installed it to test a bridge with vBulletin which wound up not being as cool as I'd hoped, and there's no content of any value on it (as opposed to the 1.4 million posts or so in my forum database, of which about .5 million or so probably contain substantive content). The only thing I wouldn't want people to be able to get hold of from the WordPress is the passwords, but I'm pretty sure those are hashed and salted so I'm not even sure that would be a yooge loss. I'll try to upgrade it sometime this weekend anyway.

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