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Default Re: Was God creating Satan a good idea?

Originally Posted by Gnostic Christian Bishop View Post
Your own book says that the best end is not possible for the vast majority of us so your God is not a worthy God to follow at all.

You say you believe in that vile demiurge.

If so, why are you not doing more than Jesus did since your book says you can?

You should also recognize that the acceptance you speak of is the acceptance of a demonstrably immoral moral tenet that includes the punishment of the innocent instead of the guilty.

So go ahead and sell your soul to Satan while thinking you are selling it to God.

You are a bit of a hypocrite first you denounce the Bible, and then you try to treat it as accurate to prove your point. I also stated that I believe there are many valuable lessons in the Bible, just as there are lessons in parables and fables. What part of that do you not understand. I have also stated that I do not accept the literal interpretation of the Bible, or didn't you quite get that.
The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you donít know anything about. Wayne Dyer
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