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Default Re: Homage to Catalonia

I was sympathetic to both Assange and Snowden initially. Assange has revealed himself as obviously a right-wing racist/misogynist who is allied with Russia, but I was thinking Snowden is just a libertarian/politically not very bright, as demonstrated by this tweet:

(Apparently, he has deleted it. He tried to play it off as a joke, in the sense that obviously he knew Trump was a tool of Goldman Sachs or something? Doesn't make any sense.)

But it seems to me that Snowden is also a Russian tool at this point. That could've been from the beginning, or could be a result of his current living arrangements. It's hard to think that his continued safety in Russia is unconditional. Either way, I don't trust his judgment or his motives at this point.

Meanwhile, Rajoy seems to have fucked up royally. I can't imagine anyway in which a violent police response is better for Spain or Catalonia. While I'm generally sympathetic to ethno-linguistic groups wanting self-governance, even independence (particularly after historically having their identities repressed, as Catalonia suffered for decades under Franco), it seems unlikely that they'd really be better off independent. Either way, Rajoy has likely strengthened support for secession now.
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