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Law For Mafia GMs: How to Use the Moderator Tools

Game moderators can be given moderator permissions in this forum upon request. It's not a requirement -- I'm always glad to do any thread renaming, post moving, nightfall locking and daybreak opening -- but it is an option. PM me and I'll set the permissions.

Please be extremely parsimonious with the moderation tools. :ff:'s hands-off policy towards interfering with posts remains in effect even in the Colosseum. To that end, these are the circumstances where we are comfortable allowing use of moderation tools.

Edit a thread:
  1. to change the thread title,
  2. to close the game thread after nightfall and open it after daybreak.
    *No stickies, please.*
Edit a post:
  1. if it is replete with broken tags or misattributed quotes,
  2. if it contains game or rule-breaking information.
Move a post:
  1. if it was posted in the game thread during nightfall or in error,
  2. if it it was posted in the game thread by a non-player.
Delete a post:
  1. only if it is a duplicate.

And now for the short and sweet instructional on how to perform the above actions. Click the images for large versions.

To edit a thread:

At the top of a page, click Thread Tools :rarrow: Edit Thread :rarrow: Perform Action.
In the Edit Thread window, change the thread title and click Save Changes. You can also uncheck the "Thread is open" box to close a thread, and check it to open the thread back up.

You can also edit the thread title in the forum index view simply by double-clicking on the title, overwriting and hitting enter.

To close/open a thread:

You don't have to edit the thread to close it or open it. You can also click Thread Tools :rarrow: Close Thread :rarrow: Perform Action, or Thread Tools :rarrow: Open Thread :rarrow: Perform Action.

To edit a post:

Click on the button in a post and make the changes. Be sure to leave a note in the "Reason for Editing" field so it's clear what was altered in the post.

To move a post:

Check the box on the far right of the post header, next to the post number. The post will change background color to indicate it has been selected.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the Moderation dropdown menu, click "Move Posts" and click the "Go" button.
In the Move Posts window, click the "Move Posts to Existing Thread" button and paste the URL of the Peanut Gallery thread into the address field.

To delete a post:

Check the box on the far right of the post header, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the Moderation dropdown menu, click "Delete Posts" and click the "Go" button.
In the Delete Posts window, fill in the reason for the deletion -- which should only be because it's a duplicate -- and click "Delete Posts."

If you select more than one post, any moves and deletions will apply to both posts, so be careful that you haven't clicked on the post selection box without realizing it. The number of posts selected will be in parantheses to the right of the "Go" button.

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