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Originally Posted by Zehava View Post
Fuck you Apple, fuck you and your planned obsolescence right in your money hole. :fuuu:

There are several apps for my 1st gen iPad that I'd actually pay for, you know with REAL money, however they all require iOS 6. iOS 6 is not supported on my incredibly old, read 2 years, iPad.

Yes I know 2 years is a lifetime in computer development, but hey the 1st gen iPad does everything I need it to and the iPad 2 really has no features (other than it supports iOS 6) that I want or need.

So I'd really like to give you some money, but apparently you don't want it, or actually what you want is for me to spend $9.99 for the app plus $499 for the iPad to use it on.

The app developers are probably due some :fuckyou: as well. Apple isn't forcing them not to write an app that's backwards compatible with earlier versions of iOS. They're just releasing a new major version of their OS every freaking year.
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