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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
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Another problem with the media, especially now with the almost instant reporting of stories, is the need to get 'something' out there for people to see and read. So rather than getting the whole story they rush to get a story out, and often should retract or correct, but once it has been reported there is a reluctance to admit an error. In the recent cruise ship disaster there is something that doesn't look right. In some of the photos it clearly shows a long gash and a piece of rock lodged in the port side of the hull, but the ship capsized to starboard. In one of the early reports it stated that the visable gash was in the right side of the hull, which was incorrect. What seems wrong is that if the damage was on the port side, that is the side that should have flooded first and the ship would have listed to port, not to starboard. This leads me to think there is more damage on the sunken side of the hull which is not visable, unless the rocks had actually pushed the port side of the ship up causing the capsizing to starboard. At this point there are too many unanswered questions, and too much premature reporting only adds to the confusion.
Could they have mirrored the photograph ? I've seen that, where in the interest of layout or something they mirrored a picture so it shows a person writing with their left hand when in the actual photo and reality they were writing with their right.
I'm not sure I think I saw a later account that stated the damage on the port side in the photo, but I haven't seen anything about the submerged portion of the hull, probably too early for that as they are still trying to recover bodies. First things first, get out the story, recover bodies, and then find out what happened.
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