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Default Re: Good King Trump

Trump hikes prices tag for US forces in Korea almost 400% as Seoul fumes, frets - CNNPolitics

Here's a story that's not getting much exposure, but like wow man, it fits right in with the pattern of the Dump's ill treatment of our strategic military allies while giving a boost to their antagonists.

So Dump elevates NK's dictator with negotiations, makes concessions for little or nothing in return, then turns around and puts the bite on the RoK by demanding 500% more to host our military in their country. Not seen in the western press, the RoK was hit by a large number of powerful typhoons and tropical storms this year, suffering extensive flooding and wind damage. Way to kick 'em when they're down, Dump.

Much the same for Japan, except he only wants 400% more from Japan.

All this while China is hitting the boiling point in Hong Kong.

I can't believe the Republicans just take it without batting an eye.
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