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Default Re: No military coup in Zimbabwe so that's fine then

So... Mugabe was a dictator without democratic legitimacy who ran a corrupt and incompetent regime and violated human rights... right?

A coup is bad because of instability, and instability could lead to something really bad like a civil war, but assuming it doesn't, it doesn't seem to me that getting rid of Mugabe is necessarily bad. In fact, it could end up being quite an improvement depending on who takes charge.

He's also old as fuck (93 years old), so his death isn't going to be too long from now. I don't know if he had a successor lined up or if he was too paranoid to have done. Either way, there was going to potentially be a crisis of succession when he dies, which could lead to some of the same instability.

Anyway, fuck Mugabe and I hope the military intends to liberalize and democratize the government there. If not, fuck them too.
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