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Default Re: Brexit EU referendum polling stations.

Hmm well yes.

If the right thing to do is to maintain a positive attitude after Brexit because it's shown that the establishment is not in touch with what people think, then I'm not very positive. The establishment appears just to have become more established with Theresa May. There'll be less political time to devote to climate change and education and health (though of course there'll be more hot air, ironically) or electoral reform. Likewise in America. Trump may have got in because people were disillusioned with the establishment, but look what they've got - a bunch of people who are far more establishment economically and socially (although admittedly they have no fucking clue how to govern, so they're not politically establishment).

And the end of the video, where he covers what else is being ignored ... not much chance of any of that being addressed. Globalisation is unsustainable? But, after keeping out the nasty foreigners, the whole idea of Brexit is to trade more with the world further away than Europe. Trump may have big words (actually, loud short words) about buying American but his business actions are all global exploitation.

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