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Default Re: Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the head?

I should add that I'm not certain punching Nazis in the head actually counts as preemptive violence, anyway. There are six million members of my ethnic background who are no longer with us as a direct result of the actions of Nazis. It's pretty difficult to argue for any attacks on Nazis as being preemptive after that.

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I suspect the guy paid (or otherwise induced) someone to punch him in the head. It's a total fascist right meme to make out like the left is all about physical violence and the right is all cream puffs except for officially sanctioned violence.
Well, he did induce him by being a Nazi, but I'm not seeing where you think it's fake. I don't know for sure, but that guy is dressed pretty Black Bloc. He's probably an anarchist.

And who is going to be swayed by actual fascists memes claiming that it's somehow "liberals" who are violent, and not them, the ones whose entire raison d'etre is genocide?

I get a little tired of the constant focus on fucking "optics," like being polite and civil is somehow magically going to make people be reasonable. Because it's pretty obviously not true. If you didn't know that already, we recently saw that demonstrated.
I usually don't have much time for the Black Bloc, but this is one case where they did the world a favour. Punching Nazis in the head may be the cause that gets the entire left to unite.
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