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Default Re: Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the head?

I'm inclined to say "no." But alas, it's all too true that you can't have a rational conversation with such a person. In fact, they're counting on their opponents to be passive and to try to "reason" with them -- while they have no intention of being either passive or reasonable.

"All that's necessary for evil to triump is for good people to do nothing," after all.

Originally Posted by The Man
"Live and let live" is often a nice philosophy, but it breaks down with people who are not willing to let live. Nazis are, of course, a fundamental exception to this rule; their entire world view is based around not letting people they disagree with continue to live. There is no room for rational discourse here, and attempting to have such a discourse with them legitimises them in a way they don't deserve. Nazis don't respond to rational arguments; they respond to violence. So let them be subjected to violence.

I also am sceptical to the idea that being subjected to violence makes them more sympathetic. Their entire position is fundamentally based on violence. While in the overwhelming majority of cases I do not believe in the legitimacy of preemptive attacks, this is one case where I am willing to make an exception. I'm advocating for Nazis to be punched in the face, while they're advocating for Jews to be put into ovens, so both sides do it! Seriously, though, I am entirely okay with making Nazis afraid to show their faces in public. This is how it was in this country before Herr Gropenführer took office, and it should be the natural order of things. If restoring it means that a few, or even more than a few, Nazis have to be punched in the face (or in other delicate parts of their anatomy), that's a small price to pay.

In short, Make Racists Afraid Again.

The event does look suspicious, though. For one, the attacker didn't know how to throw a punch, or if he did, he was deliberately doing a terrible job of it.

But then, it's not as if the average person on the street is a trained boxer or karateka.

In short, I don't think that I would have punched the guy, but I'm finding it rather difficult to feel sorry that it happened.
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