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Default Re: Help a linux noob!

KDE and Gnome are both evil and have been evil for a long time now.

It began when they started installing operating system hooks which override basic file permissions and ended with wholesale rearranging of the system to their liking (systemd). But it's entrenched enough it's a "standard" now and nobody dares complain.

Advice for beginning Linux users:

1) If your thought is "I want Windows but better and free", go home - you won't have a fun experience.

2) If your thought is "Linux could solve some of my problems because of the very different way it operates", then you may find Linux useful.

3) Your window manager - KDE Gnome or other - doesn't control your computer, it just pretends it does. If it offends thee, pluck it out and try another. That freedom is the real point.

4) Installing on a brand-new computer isn't the best idea. Install on a computer a year or two old, one Linux users have had enough time to come to grips with.

5) Laptops especially are prone to be awkward to install and use Linux on.

6) There's very little magic in how things work, it's just a matter of having the right files in the right places.

7) Never stop exploring.

Beyond that, Linux distributions have diverged so far from each other it's becoming impossible to give generic advice.

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