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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

But explaining why it's valid in one case and not the other is not something you'll ever attempt. (Also "the Vichy Times" is not my term and I've never called them that.)

The idea of "only [Democratic Party/candidate] has agency" doesn't seem very convincing when applied to Bernie Sanders, does it?

Refusing to take all the blame is bad... except when Bernie Sanders has never accepted any responsibility for his 2016 loss. Then he's just correct about being blameless I suppose.

Nor can you defend exaggerated coverage of something relatively trivial by pointing to the fact that other media outlets covered it. Implying that the only alternative is never saying anything negative also seems dumb.

Calling it shitty sarcasm or posting a smiley is genius, saves you from having to actually defend that idiocy.

Perhaps the media is biased against Bernie and progressives. Maybe the media is biased against female candidates. Maybe most of the media is biased against Democrats more generally in various ways. These are not mutually exclusive things!

And maybe Bernie did lose in 2016 due to things that were outside of his control. But a large part of his loss was his own fault. Yet I never see him scolded for the fact that he never says so publicly. Nobody says it's his fault for Trump because he fucked up the race against Hillary, yet that sort of reasoning is frequently applied to other politicians (especially, of course, Hillary). Explaining why that makes sense isn't something you'll ever try to do. So you'll post a :yawn: or a :pat: and go on repeating the same stupid tropes later.

ETA: More seriously, while the ThinkProgress video does pick up on something - notably, that Bernie Sanders was more interested in demonizing "millionaires" before he was one, it doesn't actually point to any real change in his platform or his structural critique. It's not making a very interesting point as a result. It seems to be implying some notable hypocrisy, but doesn't actually point to anything that matters. At the same time, his reaction to the video has been over the top, and if you think that amounts to a massive media conspiracy against him that could threaten his campaign, then yeah, he probably is a "shitty candidate". It's incredibly weak attack being presented as if it's substantive and it should be trivial for Sanders to rebut it (by pointing out he hasn't changed any of his policies that would raise his own taxes, etc.). Also some of his complaints are hypocritical - criticizing ThinkProgress for pieces about Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren as somehow unfair smears on progressive candidates... when they were making critiques similar to ones made by people who hold prominent positions on his campaign. Should we conclude he thinks his own national press secretary engages in unfair smears?

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