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Default Re: What are we watching this Fall, y'all?

American Gods Season 2.
I had mentioned to a few people after seeing the first season of American Gods that if it continued like that an entire film studies course could be taught on it, with Season 2 that still stands but the reason has now shifted.

So on one hand a whole bunch of behind the scenes crap went on that didn’t need to. Season 1 went over budget and in response management cut the budget and the head showrunner Bryan Fuller, among others, left the project. Crazyness ensued and some of the dialog was being written on the day of filming. With that in mind this turned out quite well.

On the other hand, Season 1 exists and because of that season 2 feels like a pale imitation and an imitation it is. Now a class can be taught on how trying to copy a style without understanding the underlying reasons gives a hollow husk of a work and that is what a large part of season 2 is, an artist copying another artist without understanding what they are copying. So everything looks and feels familiar but there’s no substance behind it. There are more than a few ‘huh?’ Moments that even the show was like *Shrug, yeah I don’t know either*. There’s also occasionally what might be basic directing issues where characters sometimes don’t react to another so hard I can’t tell if they are supposed to not be able to see the God talking but then suddenly chips in or interacts leaving me confused as to why they were zoning out for a bit.

Take Nancy’s speeches and stories where in season one they were complex, about nuanced people and the horrible things they did or that happened to them to weave a new culture. Season two Nancy is much more anger, hate and one sided as if he had skimmed the book the night before the book report was due. Which is exactly what happened, the writing got so behind that the actor who plays him got writing credits for writing some of his own dialog on the day of filming. I could go on and on as there’s so much that follows this same path. Good effort saving the book report from a total F but it was obvious it was a save.

While I blamed management above and think they should have thrown the extra money at it with the vacancy Game of Thrones is leaving, the landscape is certainly not overwhelmed right now with top quality adult shows; I also think Bryan Fuller is in part to blame for creating such an amazing work while going over budget and then dropping it when they won’t let him get his way with their money again. Fuller is starting to get a history of making a big splash and then walking out when confronted over it, IMO studios should start locking him in for longer contracts before giving him a green light.

So It was ‘fine’ I guess.
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