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Default Re: BREAKING: Sometimes Famous People Die

Aw man, A Texas Trip! I forgot about this gem... What a line-up -- Fitch, Daniel Johnston, Stickmen with Rayguns, Butthole Surfers! At one time I had both the vinyl and the cassette of this, but who knows what happened to them? 1986-1992 was a long drunken psychotropic trainwreck, not unlike A Texas Trip. I'm lucky to be alive.

"I heard the voice of Satan, crying in the woods."
- Daniel Johnston
This version is very different than most other versions of this song, which is usually just him reciting the lyrics while doing his signature up/down strum on an acoustic guitar. I suspect Paul Leary and/or Gibby Haynes had a hand in the production of this.

RIP Daniel Johnston :sadcheer:
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