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The Little Muffin used to tutor kids in math, and one day, on the way home from school, he told me he'd figured out that, instead of trying to explain something to someone the same way over and over, you should stop and go back to the beginning and think about the problems in different ways until you found a way that made sense to them. Which is apparently something they weren't doing in his school.

Anyway, he was right. All too often, schools focus on one linear learning pattern, and just go through it step by step, which can lead not only to failure, but to seriously rigid thinking patterns even in the kids who do well. You get kids who have memorized different math formulas, but don't really understand how they work; or kids who can figure out the problems, but haven't been taught any shortcuts or formulas that could make them more efficient at solving problems. Similarly, I would think it might help with understanding to mix up different learning styles, too, even with kids who are strongly inclined to one style.

And just generally, I like the idea of being able to think about things in a lot of different ways. I know whenever I've had some really sticky problem at work or something, I get the best results when I stop and slap some whole new ontology around it, and just keep doing that and refining it until I figure out something that works.
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