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It doesn't seem to exactly be a reboot from the beginning. I bought the first Swamp Thing and Animal Man issues and both have their histories more or less intact. Swamp Thing is back to being Alec Holland, but he remembers having been Swamp Thing, which is a seriously weird way to go.

Also, I hate the art on the new Swamp Thing. There's a guest appearance by Superman with the most ridiculously huge jowls. I have no idea what they were trying to do there. I remember my first exposure to Swamp Thing with the TPB of Alan Moore's first story arc. There's a Justice League crossover in that and the brief glimpse of Wonder Woman is the most beautiful I have ever seen her look. I can't help comparing the two cameos and shaking my head at the new one. Also our one glimpse of Swamp Thing is back to the smoother, less detailed version from the earlier comics and just looks lazy to me.
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