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Default Re: Universal Renewable Energy: Suitable Substitute for Morning Sex?

Here's another fusion article about a new record energization. It was last fall at a Chinese tokamak (toroidal reaction chamber shape) reactor. 30 seconds. I find that encouraging, in comparison to the much shorter blips I've heard of before. Thirty seconds seems like a lot more opportunity for destructive heat transfer than a mere second or so. I'm now personally much more hopeful that the problem will ultimately be solved, but unsure of what the timeline might be. It will be a signal achievement when it arrives. One side benefit would be that the by-product is helium, an element that is in critically short supply! The problem of net energy loss still exists, but one step at a time, I suppose. No one ever said it would be easy.

Fusion reactor achieves tenfold increase in plasma confinement time | Ars Technica
The promise of fusion is immense. Its fuel is hydrogen plasma, made from the most abundant atom in the Universe, and the major byproduct is helium, an inert gas. In this era with the threat of climate change, clean alternative sources of energy are more necessary than ever. However, even after decades of research and enormous investments of money, scientists haven't succeeded in producing a working nuclear fusion plant. Nevertheless, many feel the potential payoff is worth continued investment.
Now the exciting part -
Researchers at the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) in Hefei, China, achieved a significant improvement in its confinement time and the density of the plasma it held. This step is necessary to maintain the appropriate conditions for fusion as well as to reduce the damage the hot plasma causes to the reactor walls. As described by J. Li and colleagues, the latest run at EAST achieved a plasma pulse lasting over 30 seconds, a record achievement that simultaneously demonstrated improvements in heat dispersal.
So, another step closer to harnessing a little ring of starfire in a machine on earth.
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