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Default Re: Universal Renewable Energy: Suitable Substitute for Morning Sex?

I've done some rough checking of cost for my home use. My peak electric use is 1000 kWh, for two months in summer. Average is about 475 kWh. If I wanted to produce 100% of peak use, it would require about 9kW of panels. Cost, rounded up, is about $60K. With subsidies, payback period would not be very long. If I could get the same system for $30K, it would probably pay back without subsidy at all, since I could heat with the excess in winter and sell excess in spring and fall. It would take a long time, but it would also add value to the home. I would consider it like any other home improvement, with an eye to eventual resale value. Hopefully US consumers start asking the question, yo dude, why so high?

PS - Not that I can do any of that. Well, still fighting with the HOA. Sort of fighting. Almost giving up.
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