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Default Re: Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the head?

looking at the time, i don't think i was high at all when i wrote that. I don't smoke as much anymore with a change in hours and the kids and all that...more a Steve Miller thing.

reading back my replies i wonder what it was that made you make such a prejudiced remark? is it because so many people around here say it? i mean it is common around here to simply dismiss me as high when you disagree with me, much like a white bigot might dismiss the opinion of a black person as it would obviously be uneducated and inferior in their mind. you are feeding a stereotype you really know nothing about. you don't know me, but you make this disparaging and sweeping generalisation about me based on...what your friends say?

i think your side and their side should find common ground in your hate and disdain for your fellow human beings and work from there.
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