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Default Re: Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the head?

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it is common around here to simply dismiss me as high when you disagree with me, much like a white bigot might dismiss the opinion of a black person as it would obviously be uneducated and inferior in their mind. you are feeding a stereotype you really know nothing about.
Dismissing my dumb-ass opinions is, like, the real racism.

though in here it is.

totally blithe.

but white boy has a dream...
You realize I don't think you're literally high all the time, right?

I was, however, serious when I said your opinion was dumb.
Originally Posted by ZEZOZE View Post
Trump is not a nazi or a sympathizer. Trump is an opportunist who doesn't want to alienate any votes.
There is no avoiding alienating anyone when it comes to Nazis. If you're against them, you alienate Nazis. If you say nice things about them, you alienate most other people (racial minorities, Jews, LGBT people, white people who aren't giant assholes, etc.).

Trump chose to alienate the much larger group of people who hate Nazis, despite it including many people who voted for him (or at least didn't bother voting for Clinton).

The only explanations for that are worse than him being merely an opportunist:

1. he's an opportunist who's also stupid, because he doesn't realize that there aren't enough Nazis to win an election (as of now anyway)
2. he's a narcissist who can't help but be nice to people who like him, even when it makes things worse for him overall (he focuses too much on the people who already like him and not enough on winning over people who are lukewarm, on the fence or don't really like him. Which is a very stupid approach to take when your approval is so low.)
3. he's a racist

I happen to think it's a combination of 2 and 3. He's a racist, but he's been fine with saying bad things about the KKK and David Duke and such in the past. But now that the KKK loves him, he can't bring himself to denounce them or their Nazi friends.

1 is also true, but his opportunism is not relevant to his statements regarding Charlottesville (his stupidity is).
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