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Default Re: Well, It Looks Like I'm Going to Have to buy Skyrim ... Again

Having payed it on both console and PC, the mods (while often messy) do make for a more enjoyable game.

I think a new iteration of Elder Scrolls would be even better, one where they can try to use some of the lessons learned in Fallout 4 to create an extended end-game that is more about building and managing a community as a small-time baron.

I would love to be able to try to create better houses for the people I have gathered so much reputation with, stimulate trade which in turn attracts raiders that need to be fought off, hire and equip retainers to guard the place, build a mansion/castle, etc.

Fallout 4 saw a few steps in this direction, but I think the mechanics need more work. It would give the game tremendous moddability and replay value, I think.
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