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I can attest that cats have no concept of pointing. :unnope:
Except laser pointers. They know all about that concept.

No they don't....they know only about the moving red dot, not the pointer or the pointing. If they see you pointing the pointer, they don't look for the red dot out there where you are pointing the thing, you have to move the red dot past where they can see it and possibly reach it before there is any interest on their part.
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One of curses' cats knows exactly what the pointer is. He'll stare at it and audible complain if you stop using it. Just picking the device up gets him excited.
Does he get that the dot is going to appear in the area where the laser is pointing, though? All four of my cats understand that the red dot is something that I do with the pointer, they get excited when I pick it up, and they look directly at me and complain if I turn it off while they're still in the mood to play, but I don't think any of them really get the "pointing" part of it. That is, when they know I'm about to make the dot appear, they crouch in a ready to chase position and start swinging their heads back and forth, trying to figure out where it's going to appear next, rather than following a line of sight from my hand to a spot on the floor.
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