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Default Re: Seen any crappy movies?

Swiss Army Man

OK, so it's not a crappy movie. It's actually quite a good movie. I just kinda hated it.

This is the "Harry Potter's farting corpse movie". No complaints about Daniel Radcliffe. though. I didn't even mind Paul Dano. They inhabited the characters they were given.

The basic plot is that Hank (Dano) is stranded on an island. As he's just about to give up, Manny's (Radcliffe) corpse floats in view. This corpse gives him the tools to get back to the mainland and learn some lessons about life. The NYT reviewer (Jeannette Catsoulis) wrote after describing the movie, "On paper, this can all sound unbearably precious." I disagree. On film, it was unbearably precious.

The problem is, I hated Dano's character. He's a loser whose entire motivation for returning to civilization is to see the lady he surreptitiously took at picture of on the bus. It's creepy behavior which isn't revealed to be any better as the movie goes on. On the plus side, it's not rewarded or looked on as anything but creepy behavior, mostly.

Ironically, I could accept a movie about a guy who uses a corpse as an all-purpose tool to survive, I could accept every fantastical thing the corpse could do, but some of the plot holes took me right out of the movie. I figuratively slapped myself on the forehead when

Oh well, it has one thing going for it: the farting corpse of Harry Potter.
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